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French Panetiere

Hand-crafted from fine French walnut by the talented artisans of Provence, this panetiere features a trademark of Provence~ a triple-arched crown adorned with hand-carved embellishment and topped with turned chandelles, the centermost taking a plume shape, and all of which are original to the piece. Hand forged hardware includes the original lock, hinge, and elaborate keyguard or ferrure. Floral baskets are carved in relief on the scalloped apron, door, and cornice. Many times such highly decorative panetieres were wedding or anniversary gifts.  The turned spindle rails surrounding the area where proud families stored their daily bread for the mid-day and evening meals kept the children or pets from sneaking a loaf. Many families kept the bread under lock and key, hung from the wall which also served to display this family heirloom for all to see and appreciate.

Dimensions: 36 x 20 x 32

Circa: 1820

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